Short Bio

My name is Ernesto Carrella. I am a Post-Doc at the Oxford University Centre for the Environment, working under Richard Bailey on an agent-based model of fishery management. I earned my Ph.D from the Department of Computational Social Science at George Mason University.

My personal work is on economics. I do that with agent-based models. This methodology combines unrealistic economic assumptions with approximative computational techniques. A step forward. Smarter people use computational models to push the boundaries of economics. They either solve overwhelming mathematical difficulties or they integrate enormous databases into their models. Some infuriatingly even manage to do both.

But what if you want to shrewdly maximize long term unemployability? You cold try to do what I do. Build agent based-models about ideas that were obsolete 30 years ago. I deal with economic cybernetics. Which Pickering defines as:

The world, understood cybernetically, was a world of goal-oriented feedback mechanisms with learning. Cybernetics,then, took computer-controlled gun control and layered it in an ontologically indiscriminate fashion across the academic disciplinary board.

It’s defined more in depth in Machine Dreams. And yes, the best definitions come from history books and are in past tense.