Using MASON and IntelliJ

22 January 2019

It turns out that all guides to setup MASON with a decent IDE are very old. The MASON manual doesn’t bother with this, either. Therefore here’s an updated version using IntelliJ.

Assuming here you have installed IntelliJ and Java JDK.

  1. Create a new project, and let it be a “Java” project.

Do not select any template

give it a name (mason-test here)

you should have now an empty project

  1. Create a new directory in mason_test

call it lib

put the mason.jar file in that directory

  1. Go file->Project Structure

Go to libraries, press the + sign and choose Java

Point it to the lib folder you created before (where mason.jar is)

Confirm that you want that folder to be a library folder for the project/module

  1. Start coding; create a new java class by right clicking on src–>Java Class

Write down your Students.class

Right click on its tab and press “run”

Should see it running at the bottom