Chapter 2 Getting Started

2.1 Installation

2.1.1 Pre-requisites

  • Need to have Java JDK installed (version 8 at least); download here
  • (optional) have git installed

2.1.2 Downloading POSEIDON Option 1 : Download from git

The best way to obtain POSEIDON is to download it from its repository.

If you have git installed, a single command will do:

On linux/mac this is done on terminal, on Windows this is done on git bash. Option 2 : Download zip file

You can download POSEIDON zipped from github here but you will not have access to the repository (so no updates without downloading everything one more time).

2.2 Starting POSEIDON

POSEIDON is a gradle project which means (hopefully, anyway) that the library management and building are taken care of automatically.

On linux/mac you should be able to simply call:

in the POSEIDON directory to start the program.

On windows use

gradlew.bat run

The first time this is run, POSEIDON will download all the libraries it needs and build itself.
If everything went well you should see something like this:

Welcome to POSEIDON!

2.3 The scenario selection screen

When you start POSEIDON you will be greeted by the scenario selection window:

The radio buttons on the left select which scenario to run; for all the simulations in this tutorial we will stick with the abstract model.

The main panel contains various parameters of the scenario we can modify

And pressing “OK” will start the model proper